Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As a new small business owner, I had so many questions that I had to search and search to find the answers about. Our hope is that these questions help provide clarification but do not hesitate to reach out via email (homesweethutch@gmail.com) or via text at 817.382.2553 with any questions. 

What is the difference between Pre-Order and RTS? 
Starting up, I do not have the money to order a bunch of stock (full runs) so I was left to figure out how to make it work. I stumbled upon the concept of pre-order. Pre-order allows you the ability to "run" the item in your group and on your website for a period of time and take orders from your customer. Pay close attention to turnaround time (TAT) and make sure to communicate that to your customers in your post/website. While customers prefer the RTS model, I have had great success running a 90% pre-order model this last year. 

Ready to Ship (RTS) or In-Stock Items are exactly as they sound. We will offer these items from time to time. Make sure to follow us on facebook and sign up for email/text updates. 

What is MOQ? How Does it Work? 
MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. This is the minimum amount of items that a customer must order to fulfill the order. We take great pride in keeping a small MOQ per product and often offer no MOQ. 

What is the average TAT?
The average turnaround time for pre-order items is 3-6 weeks. We provide this window in order to allow for any delays from the vendors. The worst thing is having to tell your customers that an item is running late or will not make the TAT window provided. 

What payment options do you offer?

We offer standard credit card payments, shop pay, shop pay installments and sezzle. Both shop pay installments and sezzle allow you to break up the total into small payments over time. 

What is your shipping process? 
Click HERE to learn around our shipping process.

What is your return policy? 
Click HERE to view our return policy. 

More Questions?
Feel free to reach out via email (homesweethutch@gmail.com) or via text at 817.382.2553.

How Does Pre-Order Work?

We provide weekly collections, daily quick runs, holiday collections and more!
We suggest running our items in your group or website.
Our website has updated stock availability. We offersynclogic & dropshipping.
We close orders on Sundays and place our orders on Monday.
Most items have a 3-4 week TAT after order date unless a different TAT is listed on the product.
Make sure to get your order in before 10PM on this upcoming Sunday.